Unforgettably good

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Who we are

We are a team of wedding and event planners, stylists and designers who specialise in:

Wedding Planning, The Goodsmiths, Wedding ceremony couple

Tying the knot? Allow our team of experienced planners, designers and stylists to take your vision and bring it to life. With years of experience in creating dream weddings, we are bound to make jaws drop because after all, creativity is our greatest weapon.

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Revel in the beauty of what we can create for your next private party or celebration. Our planners are highly poised in executing the ultimate event, combining creative touches with exceptional detail – we know how to throw a party.

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We’re elevators of everything, working meticulously to deliver curated experiences for brands, private clients and corporate partners who are looking to bring their event to the next level.

What we do

Together, we design and curate unforgettably good event experiences

We are the goodsmiths


Events happen every day, but unfortunately not all of them are UNFORGETTABLY GOOD.

These days, planning an event comes with an infinite amount of choices.

Oh, the time, the decisions (or indecisions), the perplexities, the pressure – to have every detail considered and organised, while simultaneously ensuring it all looks good, feels good, swoon-worthy even! (Thanks Pinterest and Instagram)

Well, you can call us wild, but we have an indescribable love for all of the above. So much so, that one day over a few too many wines, we decided to make it official – we would search high and higher for people just like us, who from that day forward promised to be committed to the run sheet, to dream up floral designs in sickness and in health and pledge to honour the style guide.

We are a collection of experienced Event Planners, Stylists, Designers and Florists. We are THE GOODSMITHS.

Wedding Planning, The Goodsmiths, Couple portrait